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The Inglewood Community League’s Mission is to engage the community and support the diverse needs of our residents. When you volunteer with us, you are helping us make a difference within our community. We are always looking for volunteers to support various programs/events and appreciate any help we can get.


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    Current Openings:

    Soccer Coordinator Needed ASAP
    The Inglewood Community is in need of a Soccer Coordinator for the outdoor soccer season (May-June 2021). The responsibilities would include:
    • Taking care of equipment, uniforms 
    • Sanitizer 
    • Be the liaison between Emsa, Parents, and Coaches 
    • Schedule Coaches 
    Since this would be with children it would require a Police Information Check with a Vulnerable sector check
    If you are interested in taking on this role, please fill out the form above or email president@inglewoodcl.com
    Identifying/Data Entry of Community Businesses/Groups (Civics Committee)
    The Civics Committee is looking for two volunteers to help with identifying Inglewood’s community stakeholders (builders, construction/utility companies, schools, community organizations, local businesses, apartment rental companies, etc.).
    Civics wants to map out our interested parties in the community to have a one-stop place to find contact information to keep them up to date on important ICL/civic affairs.
    What do you need to do?
    Using Google, find and copy & paste the name of the business/organization, contact phone number and/or email and website and fill it into a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
    Please do not contact the stakeholder directly. For now, we will only be relying on what we can find on Google.
    This volunteer opportunity requires:
    1. access to the internet
    2. a computer
    3. familiarity with Google Sheets
    4. a Google account
    Deadline: This will be an ongoing assignment! Work on it while you have the time, like while watching a movie!
    We will send you the link to edit the Googe Sheet upon application approval. Thank you!
    Interested in joining this Civics Committee role? Please fill out the above form or email our volunteer coordinator.
    Social Media Coordinator (Communications Committee)

    The ICL Communications Director is looking to add a volunteer or two to the Communications Committee to assist with daily/weekly social media posts! If you’re a social media enthusiast, please email communications.director@inglewoodcl.com.

    Website (WordPress) Volunteer (Communications Committee)

    The Inglewood Community League Communications Committee is looking to add a WordPresssavvy individual to help redesign the new ICL website. This individual must be comfortable/have experience working with WordPress, and must be willing to work together with both our Directors of Communication and IT to bring this website redesign to life! If this is something you might be interested in volunteering for, please fill out the volunteer form above, or email communications.director@inglewoodcl.com.

    Monthly E-Newsletter Volunteer (Communications Committee)

    The ICL Communications Director is looking to add a volunteer or two to assist with our monthly e-newsletter. This role would require you to use Mailigen to create and send out our monthly community newsletter. Training and any assistance required would be provided by the Communications Director. If you are interested, please email communications.director@inglewoodcl.com.

    Coyote Intervention Volunteers Needed

    Inglewood has been invited by the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project at the University of Alberta to participate in the Urban Coyote Intervention Program: a community-based, aversive conditioning program of urban coyotes. The goal of this program is to increase wariness in coyotes that occupy residential neighbourhoods.

    The program will run from February – May 2021 and 2022. The Inglewood Community League requires a minimum of 8 volunteers to sign up in order to be eligible to participate in this program.

    If you’re interested in volunteering, please complete the required steps here.  For more information click here

    Covid-19 Community Outreach

    COVID-19 Inglewood Community Outreach * Relaunch *
    As a Community League, we are proud to be relaunching the COVID-19 Inglewood Community Outreach Initiative. We want to ensure everyone in our community makes it through this difficult time – healthy, happy and cared for. Our goal is to match Community Connector Volunteers with folks from our community needing 1-1 assistance in a confidential and safe manner.

    1) If you need assistance, please ensure you provide us with all of your information to ensure we can connect with the right volunteer to help address your needs.
    2) Those seeking assistance will be matched with a Community Connector Volunteer on a confidential 1-1 basis.
    3) The information provided in this form helps us tremendously – for example matching the tasks, risk groups, and location of people.
    4) If you have generously offered to assist, we will contact you personally through our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarada, as the need arises.

    Click here if you require assistance or would like to volunteer as a Community Outreach Volunteer.