Sustainability Blog

The sustainability blog will periodically highlight initiatives that our sustainability committee is undertaking, including information about our solar panels, and other energy management initiatives!

Solar Education for Inglewood Grade 5 Class

The Inglewood Community League and our Solar installer Generate Energy recently hosted the Inglewood Elementary School grade 5 class at the hall for some class about solar energy! Special thanks to Jeremy and Beth from Generate Energy for educating the class about solar energy generation. This included hands on with all the different system components (modules, optimizers, and inverters) and how systems are designed. They even brought in some fun solar toys!

The timing of this was great, and coincided with our system coming online and the grade 5’s electricity and magnetism lesson.

This was the first of many of our planned community engagement programs! Stay tuned for more! 

First Day of Production!

The system is now operational, and our first full day of production was October 31st, 2019! There were brief periods of full sun at around 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, but was otherwise unfortunately a relatively cloudy day. We generated 15.7 kWh for this first day, which is about half of the expected average for this time of year according to simulations by pvwatts. We are heading into the least productive part of the year, so won’t be seeing a top production for a few months. There are plenty of milestones we can hit this winter!


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