by | May 22, 2019

The Inglewood Community League is pleased to announce it will be installing solar panels this summer! We are doing our part in the community to offset the environmental impact of operating our hall. We hope this project will be a catalyst for neighbors to engage the community in our planned information sessions! 

The installation will consist of 53 panels @ 305W each, for a total of a 16.17kW array. It is expected to have an annual generation of 19.1MWh/year, covering 100% of our yearly consumption. Not sure what these numbers mean? Stay tuned for more information, including an evening information session!

Prior to installation we will be replacing the roof, which has reached the end of its life after 30 years. Construction will be taking place in Summer and Fall 2019. To stay informed of the construction schedule, join our solar mailing list for this project. You can also expect to get periodic reports about the projects production, calculated greenhouse gas emmissions offset, impacts of weather and snow, money saved, and progress towards our financial breakeven. 

Mailing List

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Project Goals

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: Alberta has one of the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions in north america due to its continued reliance on coal for electricity generation. After manufacturing and installation of the panels is factored in, this installation will take only 6 months to completely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of its electricity for the next 25 years. 
  • Net zero electricity: On average, the installation will generate 100% of the electricity we consume annually. We will remain grid tied, so any excess electricity is sold back to the grid during the day, and consumed from the grid at night.
  • Visual statement of commitment to sustainable practices: The Community League hall is a centerpiece of our community, and will be visible to students from at Inglewood School next door. We hope this will inspire more sustainable practices for a generation of our youth.
  • Savings in operating costs: Once installed, our electricity utility costs are expected to drop by 65%. The remaining costs are fixed fees, and transmission & distribution costs for electricity during non-producing times.
  • Open Data: Data collected during this project will be made open and given back to the community. We hope this will allow others to gain insight and give confidence in the technology for our location!

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