Playground Timeline

Inglewood Playground Timeline

Sports Hall Demo

The demolition of the sports hall is complete as of September 2021! We are excited to see the demolition finished as it paves the way for moving forward with the water feature in phase two of the park development. Stay tuned for more information about ways you can have a say…Read More

Contractor Engagement

A contractor is engaged to demolish the sports hall after the committee completes the documents necessary for the “Concept” phase of the City of Edmonton park development process. Abatement and demolition commence in May 2021.

Strategy Phase

The committee works with representatives from the City of Edmonton through the “Strategy” phase of the park development. This involves submitting details of engagement done with the community, a needs assessment, and more information about the projected project. The strategy phase is completed and a project manager is assigned to…Read More

Park Development Committee Recruitment

The community is asked for new members to join the Park Development committee. The Phase 2 committee is formed and begins to work through the City of Edmonton’s process for new development. The committee engages with the community at events for the City of Edmonton Renewal and Revitalization projects, Neighbourhood…Read More

Conceptual Design

The committee’s findings are compiled and presented to the Board. A walkthrough of the Fieldhouse is arranged for Board of Directors. The Board elects to demolish the Fieldhouse. The decision is communicated via the newsletter and at the 2018 ICL AGM. A follow up round of engagement to update the…Read More

Phase 1 Complete

Grande opening of Phase 1 occurred in June 2017. 3rd viewing and requests for feedback from League members, residents, and stakeholders on the concept plans at the 2017 AGM. Playground committee identifies it is ready to move forward with Phase 2. The new Board requests information be gathered to facilitate…Read More

AGM 2016

Construction of Phase 1 is underway. 2nd viewing and requests for feedback from League members, residents, and community stakeholders on  the concept plans at AGM (post CPTED evaluation).

CPTED Evaluation

1st viewing and request for feedback from League members, residents, and stakeholders on the concept plans at the 2015 AGM. EPS conducts a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluation and advises  of several crime and safety issues around the Fieldhouse. The League decides to start with Phase 1 before…Read More

Preliminary Designs

A  Needs Assessment is prepared incorporating the engagement results. Two preliminary designs are prepared further to the feedback from the engagement process in 2013. Fundraising for the project continues.

Public Engagement

Engagement Plan is prepared through the City of Edmonton. Consultation activities with the League members, residents, and community stakeholders are undertaken. Fundraising and allocation of funds for the project begins.

AGM 2012

The League communicates at AGM that a $150,000.00 of work is required on the summer Fieldhouse adjacent to the Hall. Residents raise concerns about the use of funds on this structure vs the playground. A Playground Committee is established by the League to pursue park revitalization.