The City of Edmonton has several programs underway within, or affecting the Inglewood Community.

Edmonton Cart Rollout

The way Edmontonians sort and manage waste at home is changing. Edmonton is transitioning to cart-based waste collection, with separate collection of food scraps and seasonal yard waste.

Building Great Neighbourhoods – Inglewood Renewal

Edmonton’s renewal program. This includes the construction of new sidewalks, roadways, drainage, and street lighting.

124 Street Renewal

124 Street between 109 Avenue and 118 Avenue is expected to undergo renewal work starting in 2021. The street will be re-paved and upgrades/improvements will be made to sidewalks, gutters, streetlights. Beautification and streetscaping to make the street more pedestrian-friendly are also in the works.

Inglewood Revitalization

From 2018 to 2019 the City worked with Inglewood community members to identify the community’s strengths and opportunities and a vision for the Revitalization Program. Together, the City and the community have co-created a Revitalization Strategy with actionable goals to cooperatively implement ideas aimed at enhancing community life. The Revitalization Strategy for Inglewood can be found here.

Supportive Housing in Inglewood

The City of Edmonton is proposing a supportive housing development in Inglewood at the location of 12312 112 Avenue. This development will provide people who have experienced homeless with the support, safety, and stability they need to lead healthy and connected lives through on-site staff and wraparound services.

Bus Network Redesign

Edmonton Transit bus routes are changing mid-2021. Visit our dedicated page to the redesign and how these changes impact transit in our community here.

Coronation District Park Development

Coronation District Park has been identified as a site for the development of a community recreation centre close to Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre. This strategy was based on an extensive community needs assessment and public consultation.

Public Engagement

The City of Edmonton is committed to involving the people affected by the decisions it makes. Follow the link above to provide your feedback on the City’s various policies, programs, projects, and services.

Stay informed about updates and engagements through the City of Edmonton’s mailing list for each project, as well as our newsletter and facebook page.