City of Edmonton Programs

The City of Edmonton has several programs underway within, or affecting the Inglewood Community.

Building Great Neighbourhoods – Inglewood

Primarily road reconstruction and repaving, as well as replacement of streetlights and reconstruction of sidewalks, curb and gutter.

124 Street Renewal

Renewal and improvement of 124 Street. To be planned and executed in conjunction with Building Great Neighborhoods

Neighbourhood Revitalization

The City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Revitalization works in partnership with citizens, organizations and business owners to set neighbourhood goals and achieve results through collaboration and partnership.

127 Street Collector Plan

This project was identified through the Neighbourhood Renewal public involvement process as being able to benefit from further in-depth public engagement and analysis. To be planned and executed in conjunction with Building Great Neighborhoods

111 Avenue Rehabilitation

111 Avenue will undergo reconstruction in 2018.

Bus Network Redesign

Edmonton’s bus routes will be changing. The new network focuses on connecting people to places and to each other.

Inglewood Planning Applications

Planning applications received by the City in the Inglewood neighbourhood.

Coronation District Park Development

Coronation District Park has been identified as a site for the development of a community recreation centre close to Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre. This strategy was based on an extensive community needs assessment and public consultation.


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