Anirniq Candidate Forum: Submit questions for candidates by August 31.

The Inglewood, Sherbrooke, and Woodcroft community leagues have come together to host a meeting with Anirniq candidates for this upcoming election. Now is your opportunity to submit questions for the candidates by filling out this brief survey here:

*Questions must be submitted by August 31 to be considered for the forum.

The forum will be held virtually September 28 @ 7:30pm, more details to come.

Community League Bike Month June 1-30

Ride to victory for your community league


Inglewood community members (kids included!) are invited to track their cycling and pool their kilometres with their neighbours on Strava. Download the Strava App to your mobile device and search for the club “Inglewood United” to join.

1. Download the Strava app and make a personal account.
2. From the Home screen, click “Groups” in the bottom menu.
3. From the Groups screen, you’ll see a top menu bar listing “Active”, “Challenges”, and “Clubs”. Click “Clubs”.
4. A search bar will appear to find a club. Search “Inglewood United”.
5. Join the Inglewood United club! 6. Record your bike rides to automatically contribute your km’s to the Inglewood team! If you forget to record a ride, manually enter your mileage in by clicking the “+” (top right corner on the Home screen) and selecting “Manual Activity”.

1. Create an account and log in.
2. From the Home page, there is a search tool in the top left corner (next to the Strava logo).
3. Click the search tool, and select “Clubs” from the drop down menu next to the search bar.
4. Search “Inglewood United”, the name will appear as you type it in. Click on the club to join!
5. Manually enter your bike rides by clicking the “+” in the top right corner of your Profile screen and selecting “Add Manual Entry”. Your rides will then be contributed to the Inglewood team total km’s!

Email your WEEKLY TOTALS BY SUNDAY MORNING every week to
Kids are welcome to participate so keep track of their km’s as well!


Inglewood United Club link:


1) You can MANUALLY input activities into Strava even if you track your distance with a different device, just look for the plus sign [+].

  • On mobile, this is found on the “Feed” screen.
  • On a computer, go to the Strava website, set up or sign in to your Strava account and choose the “Training” dropdown menu. Select “Activities” and find the plus symbol [+] in the top right corner by your profile picture.)

2) For those without access to the Strava app: submit your total distance (in kilometres) by e-mail:

3) If you take your family out for a ride, your children’s distance counts as well! So if your family of four takes a four-kilometre spin, you can report 16 km total!


Participate in the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge by downloading the free ParticipACTION app and tracking all kinds of physical activity. It’s part of a nation-wide search for Canada’s Most Active Community. Now, more than ever, physical activity and sport participation is important to help us stay healthy in mind, body, and community spirit.

For tips and tricks on how to protect your bike from theft, visit:

Inglewood ‘Asesin’ Community Mural Completion Video

Hey Inglewood! Check out this AWESOME video by Lance Cardinal of Soulflame Creative Services showcasing the new mural on display at our Inglewood Community League Hall.

View the video here:

Park Street Projects hosted a collaborative mural here in Inglewood in September 2020 with Lance Cardinal, a local Indigenous artist, and Wild Heart Collective. Members of the Inglewood community were invited to participate to help create the mural in real time.

“This was a really good initiative that brought the community together to create something as a community to put up in the local garden and bring more Indigenous content to the neighbourhood. I absolutely love the beauty and the colours that were used in this mural and it really does pay homage to the bead workers and the crafters of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people.”

Be sure to head down to the Inglewood Community League Hall (12525 116 Ave, Edmonton) to view the mural in it’s permanent location, near the community garden. The Community League hopes to have a community unveiling in the future that complies with all public health rules and guidelines, so be sure to stay tuned for updates and details.

“Asesin” Creative Team: Park Street Projects
Wild Heart Collective
Soulflame Creative Services
Inglewood Community League

Rocketship Park (122 St & 112 Ave) Renewal City Update:

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for the colour scheme for Rocketship Park! Colour option 1 was the winner!
You will be happy to know that the American flag will NOT be included in the final design.

Where we have been:

The successful playground design has been incorporated into the drawing package
Detailed Design was advanced and included revisions from the Concept/Preliminary Design circulation
A concept package was prepared and shared with the community for playground equipment colour selection

Where we are now:

Now that the community has made a colour selection, the playground equipment order has been made
Development Permit application drawings have been submitted to the Development Office for review and approval
Drainage drawings have been finalized and will be sent to Epcor for approval when the Development Permit # is obtained
Detailed design is being finalized for site contractor and amenity procurement

Where We are Going/ Next Steps:

Site contractor and amenity equipment procurement anticipated to close after a 3-week tender, followed by evaluation and award
Construction is anticipated to start in early summer 2021
A more detailed construction timeline will be provided in the end of May update
Construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of October 2021

Stay tuned for another update from the City on the park renewal at the end of the month.

Inglewood Neighbourhood Reconstruction

Inglewood is in the final year of Neighbourhood Renewal construction! If you live within the Phase 3 area, you’ve likely already received a pamphlet in the mail from the City about the schedule, access impacts, and more! In case you missed it, construction is tentatively scheduled to start this coming week, May 3.

For a breakdown of the planned projects by number in the neighbourhood, please see the Project Map (shown above).

The removal and replacement of public sidewalks, curbs and gutters and roadways is complete in projects 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. Not all the sod in projects 13, 14 and 15 was installed so we will be returning in early spring to finish the landscaping.

The outstanding landscaping from 2019 is complete (projects 10, 11 and 12).
Street lighting in projects 12, 13, 14, and 15 is ongoing and includes running new conduit, drilling new pole bases, then installing new poles and re-energizing the lights. EPCOR is energizing the new poles and completing their quality control checks while removing the old pole bases; this work will continue through 2021.

Neighbourhood renewal work will resume in Inglewood in May 2021, weather pending. Prior to work resuming, construction notifications will be delivered to impacted residences. We are pleased to report that, with the completion of 2020 work, Inglewood remains on schedule with a planned completion date of November 2021.

For more information about what to expect during construction, please visit: