Share Your Vision through the Inglewood Renewal Survey

Neighbourhood renewal is a 3-year project to upgrade a neighbourhood’s entire infrastructure. Streets, sidewalks, and streetlights throughout the neighbourhood will be replace or upgraded.

More recently, the City renamed renewal to “Building Great Neighbourhoods.” The “Building Great Neighbourhoods” program can help a community address local needs and reinforce its character and identity. Additional projects can include city-owned lands and improvements.

To help the city develop a focus and plan for Inglewood, a number of stakeholder and engagement sessions were held in March and April. If you were part of these sessions, great! Thanks for coming out and sharing your concerns and vision.

We’re also asking everyone in the neighbourhood to share their thoughts with the Inglewood Community League Board as well. A survey is open until May 15, 2018 to give you a chance to share your issues and ideas: . The survey will be available until May 15.

The League Website will also contain news and upcoming events about the Building Great Neighbourhood (BGN) program. Visit our page at: http://

For more information on the city’s site about the Building Great Neighbourhoods – Inglewood, visit A city survey on this site will be available until May 4.

We Need a Few Good People

As your community league, we’re trying to do a better job of keeping you informed. However, we’ve had a few good volunteers leave our communications team recently for personal reasons. What you get out of the job is working with your community (and some other great volunteers) and an inside track to the stories before they’re even posted! We’re expecting all of these roles to take 2-6 hours/month (some months are busier).

We are looking for people to fill two roles:

Facebook Coordinator (2 positions)

These people have Facebook savvy. They know how to use FB; they can create stories and events, load pictures, and link to external pages. And they know how to use Facebook messaging to read questions, comments and concerns from people. If the question isn’t too difficult, they can respond quickly and politely resolve issues.

In return, we supply the content and coordination, and answer any questions you might have.

Story Editors (2 positions)

We get all sorts of stories in all sorts of forms. Some are poorly written; some need to be formatted; and some are almost perfect.

If you can proofread short articles, clean up language, make an article more readable (like using shorter words or shorter sentences), then we’re looking for you! If you can turn a boring article into an exciting article that’s even better.

You’ll see the results of your work spreading through the internet: over Facebook, email, maybe even Twitter. You too can be on your path to world domination through well written stories.

FOR EITHER OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES, contact Daryle, our Communications Director, at He’s a nice guy too.

Update from the Inglewood Community League – Decorative Streetlight Committee

By Mary Saretski

On Saturday April 21, 2018, The City of Edmonton hosted a Building Great Neighbourhoods public engagement forum at Inglewood school to kick of neighbourhood renewal for the community of Inglewood. Renewal will begin in 2019 and take approximately 3 years. This event was to gauge neighbourhood concerns and priorities prior to the renewal work beginning next year.

The Inglewood Community League had a booth at the event. This allowed us to meet our neighbours, directly hear input and feedback and provide anyone interested with a free community league membership, but the primary focus of the booth was to seek Inglewood resident’s feedback on proposed decorative streetlights.

As part of the renewal process Inglewood has the opportunity to get upgraded decorative streetlights and street name blades. The Inglewood Community league is championing the upgrade as it is a once in a generation opportunity to provide an upgrade to our community, and we have struck a Decorative Streetlight Committee. There are different options for the streetlights provided to us by The City of Edmonton and we asked those in attendance to vote for their favourite options.

At Saturday’s event we heard great feedback from the community on the decorative street lights, including the importance of energy efficiency and pathway/sidewalk lighting, as well as on many other topics which we will bring back to the Inglewood Community League board and The City.

Overwhelmingly, people that we spoke to were in favour of the decorative streetlight upgrade, especially given that Inglewood is a heritage neighbourhood. People were very interested in the decorative street signs as we will have the opportunity to put the heritage street name on the blades.

It was great to see so many neighbours out at the Building Great Neighbourhoods event. Another duplicate event is scheduled for Wednesday April 25th, 6:30-9 at The Winnifred Stewart Association. If you were unable to attend on Saturday we encourage you to attend this next session. Once again the Inglewood Community League will have a booth, we’d be pleased to hear from you and once again we’ll be taking votes on the possible streetlight upgrades.

Check out our website for more information:

We would also appreciate your feedback on the proposed decorative street lights and neighbourhood renewal, please take 5 minutes to fill out our survey here:  

Adventure Quest

Take an adventure through the rugged outback of your neighborhood. You will meet new and fun challenges and develop summer survival skills like shelter building, outdoor cooking and teamwork. Be creative to help your team maneuver around road blocks and explore detours. We’ll even take our adventure off site on a field trip!

To Register:

  • Call 311
  • Online at
  • In person at any City of Edmonton Recreation Centre

Another Successful Pub Night

Inglewood Community League (ICL) had another pub night on April 12. This time our host was the Sherbrooke Pub at 118 Avenue and St. Albert Trail.

About 60 people came out to meet their neighbours and share some drinks—our best attendanc

e to date. ICL picked up the tab for the appetizers and door prizes. Some people took to the pool table. And our local stars Bernie and Marek again shared their pipes on the Karaoke machine.

The ICL currently hosts pub nights every three months. Stay tuned for the next event which will be sometime in July/August.