Memberships are available for FREE to all people who live or own property in the Inglewood Community!  When you’re a member you’re entitled to participate in all ICL programs and events, including voting at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and sitting on the board.  Being a member also means you’re helping us make Inglewood an inclusive, welcoming, safe place where neighbours build relationships and feel connected. 

Other Membership Benefits: 

  1. Take advantage of all the Membership benefits organized through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL).  These include discounts at local businesses and wholesale pricing at all Cloverdale Paint locations. 
  2. The opportunity for free skating at any outdoor community league rink. The closest rink to Inglewood is in Sherbrooke.
  3. Discounts on annual memberships, multi-admission passes, or continuous monthly memberships to any City of Edmonton recreational facility through the Community League Wellness Program
  4. A free one-hour swim period at Peter Hemmingway Fitness & Leisure Centre (13808 111 Avenue) on Sundays between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
  5. Discounts to rent the Inglewood’s Community Hall.
  6. Discounts on Inglewood’s programming fees for League activities Including Yoga, and Soccer!
  7. Ability to apply for a Community Garden plot.
  8. A whole lot of fun and new friendships in your neighbourhood.

Ways to obtain a membership:

  1. Fill out the form below to submit a request. (Free!) 
  2. Memberships are often available at ICL sponsored events (Free!) 
  3. At a Servus Credit Union.  ($15 per year for seniors, youths and individuals. $25/year for family memberships.)
  4. From the EFCL. (Same cost as Servus plus a $5 administrative fee)

Please note, We are unable to reimburse for memberships purchased from EFCL or Servus Credit Union. 

Apply Now

Free memberships are processed and mailed out by our volunteers on the first and third Friday of the month. If you require a membership more urgently, please purchase one through an alternate method listed above.