About the Inglewood Community League

The Inglewood Community League represents the Inglewood neighbourhood in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Membership is free to all residents of the neighbourhood and can also be used to get discounts at City recreational facilities, some neighbourhood businesses. Membership is also required to skate at outdoor rinks or participate in other recreational programs such as soccer.

The board of the ICL is elected at the Annual General Meeting in the fall of the year. The ICL seeks to enhance the quality of life for residents as well as advocating for neighbourhood concerns with City of Edmonton elected officials and departments.

About Us

The Inglewood Community League represents the Inglewood neighbourhood in the City of Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada. The ICL works with neighbouring community leagues to address issues of concern to residents northwest of downtown.

The mailing address for the League is:
Inglewood Community League of Edmonton
PO Box 62096, RPO Westmount
Edmonton, AB
T5M 4B5

Election for 2023/2024 Board of Directors
The current Inglewood Community League Board is proposing a slate of Directors for the 23/24 season. Please see the positions linked here.
This slate is for consideration by our membership, and will be voted on at our AGM on October 29th.
All positions are up for election and members of the community are encouraged to put themselves forward to join our board, or reach out to us to find out more about any of these positions.
Proposed Bylaws for 2023

The Inglewood Community League bylaws were last updated in 2004, so it has been a priority for the board to review and update our bylaws this term. We’ll be bringing a vote on these updated bylaws at our upcoming AGM.

Please download the proposed bylaws HERE.

Questions or comments can be sent to info@inglewoodcl.com


Current Bylaws

The Inglewood Community League Bylaws were last modified in 2004.

Download a copy HERE.


Policies and Standards

The League’s board has adopted a number of policies and standards to guide them in providing services to the community. Policies provide a high level view of the principles which the League should follow. Standards provide more concrete direction on how these policies should be applied.

  1. Communications Policy
  2. Privacy Policy
Social Media and Newsletter

The Inglewood Community League has a number of tools to communicate with the public and members:

  1. Like & Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inglewoodcl/
  2. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inglewoodcl
  3. We have a regular email newsletter sent out monthly. Hit the Subscribe pop-up to join and stay updated with our neighbourhood news.

To contact our Communications Director, please email pr@inglewoodcl.com.

Do you have content to share?

If you have an event, a story, or an announcement you would like us to share with the community, submit it using our content submission form.

Neighbourhood Map

Location of Inglewood   The neighbourhood boundaries are:

  • To the East: the multi-use pathway running north and south between 121 St. NW and 120 St. NW;
  • To the South: 111 Avenue;
  • To the West: Groat Road; and
  • To the North: 118 Avenue.