Hey Inglewood! Check out this AWESOME video by Lance Cardinal of Soulflame Creative Services showcasing the new mural on display at our Inglewood Community League Hall.

View the video here: https://fb.watch/5M-T97cMn1/

Park Street Projects hosted a collaborative mural here in Inglewood in September 2020 with Lance Cardinal, a local Indigenous artist, and Wild Heart Collective. Members of the Inglewood community were invited to participate to help create the mural in real time.

“This was a really good initiative that brought the community together to create something as a community to put up in the local garden and bring more Indigenous content to the neighbourhood. I absolutely love the beauty and the colours that were used in this mural and it really does pay homage to the bead workers and the crafters of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people.”

Be sure to head down to the Inglewood Community League Hall (12525 116 Ave, Edmonton) to view the mural in it’s permanent location, near the community garden. The Community League hopes to have a community unveiling in the future that complies with all public health rules and guidelines, so be sure to stay tuned for updates and details.

“Asesin” Creative Team: Park Street Projects
Wild Heart Collective
Soulflame Creative Services
Inglewood Community League