What is changing? 

The City will provide all single-unit and some multi-unit homes with a garbage cart, a food scraps cart and a food scraps pail between March 2021 and August 2021.

Residents will receive a large (240L) garbage cart, but a small (120L) one is available by request.

The new system includes four collection services:

  1. Garbage
  • Collected every 2 weeks year-round, using a cart provided by the City.
  • Once you get the hang of sorting out your food scraps, yard waste and recycling, you’ll find that you have less garbage.
  1. Food Scraps
  • Collected weekly from spring to fall, and 
  • Collected every two weeks in the winter, using a cart provided by the City.
  • Top off your food scraps cart with yard waste, the lid must be able to fully close.
  1. Recycling
  • Collected in blue bags all year round.
  • There are no changes to recycling collection.
  1. Yard Waste
  • Collected twice in spring, and 
  • Collected twice in fall 
  • Collected in clear plastic bags or double-ply paper yard waste bags and/or bundles wrapped in biodegradable twine.
  • You can also take it to an Eco Station for free between seasonal collection days.

For more information, visit the City of Edmonton’s Waste Collection page here.

When is this happening?

Inglewood’s cart delivery is expected to happen July 2 – 27, 2021. 

Inglewood’s first collection date under the new system will be August 3, 2021. 

Find out when your rollout will be issued here.

For the latest information and waste sorting tips, sign up for the Edmonton Cart Rollout e-newsletter here

Education & Workshops

Do you have specific questions about using your new carts or how to sort your waste at home?

The City is offering 45 minute sessions that provide a general overview of the cart rollout, with time for questions at the end. The goal is to ensure that you are able to successfully use the new cart program. Sessions are delivered virtually as a webinar.

Inglewood’s Heart Your Cart presentation is April 1 at 7pm. This free event will feature a live stream 45-minute presentation of the City of Edmonton’s new Cart Rollout program. You can register for the event here.

Online registration begins in late February 2021.

Information sessions begin March 3

30 minute interactive workshops will also be offered. These are topic-specific and include a brief presentation followed by an interactive question and answer period. Workshops are limited to 20 attendees to ensure adequate time for your questions. Workshops are delivered virtually through Zoom.

Select from the following topics:

  • Setting out your carts for collection (with tips about vehicle parking)
  • Sorting food scraps
  • Recycling

Online registration begins in late February 2021.

Workshops begin April 1.

Assisted Waste Collection

The City’s Waste Services offers an assisted waste collection service for customers who have difficulty getting their waste to the curb or lane.

Two new service options are available: 

Option #1: for residents who are able to put waste in their carts but require the City to set out the carts at the curb for collection, then return the carts to their storage location after they are emptied

Option #2: for residents who need the City to take waste from their door, place it in their carts, set the carts out for collection, and return the carts to their storage location once they are emptied

For more info on how to apply for assistance, visit the City of Edmonton website here


  1. Can I Opt-Out? 

No, residents are not able to opt-out of the Edmonton Cart Rollout. To help Edmonton reach the 90 percent diversion goal, every household’s participation will be important to make our new system a success.

  1. Will my rate increase because I am now getting carts?

Your monthly waste service fee in January – September 2021 will be the same as your 2020 rate ($47.22/month) for curbside collection customers.

Beginning October 2021

  • Customers with the default large (240L) garbage cart will see their monthly rate increase by $1.10 to $48.32
  • Customers who select the small (120L) garbage cart will see their rate decrease by $3.90/month to $43.32/month
  • The monthly price difference between the small and large garbage cart is $5/month
  1. Why are we introducing carts instead of our current system?

Carts make the waste collection more efficient and reduce workplace injuries significantly among waste collectors due to the reduced heavy and repetitive lifting, and not having to handle potentially dangerous waste (needles, etc.) with their hands. This standard practice also helps the City maintain stable utility rates and a competitive curbside collection market.

Learn more about Edmonton’s 25-year Waste Strategy.

  1. What do I do with my existing garbage cans?

You may choose to use your existing garbage cans for other purposes such as storage. If you no longer require your existing garbage cans, clean them and bring them to a City Eco Station or Recycling Depot. Clean garbage cans will be accepted free of charge.

  1. Will the City collect garbage placed in my current garbage cans?

With the implementation of cart-based collection, the City will only collect garbage from the carts provided by the City. Garbage set out in any other containers will not be collected.

For more information and FAQs, visit the City of Edmonton’s Waste Collection page here.

More information on Waste Sorting and Cart placement will be released in our upcoming newsletters.