The Inglewood Community League (ICL) is looking for a motivated and dedicated individual to become our new Soccer Coordinator!

Primary Duties 

Reporting directly to Inglewood’s Sports Director, the Soccer Coordinator will have primary responsibility for the following:

  • Supporting the creation of promotional materials (e.g. posters, newsletter notices) for the 2020 outdoor soccer program.
  • Managing the registration process for Inglewood’s 2020 Outdoor Soccer Program, including hosting registration night at the community league hall.
  • Coordinating player transfers (inbound/outbound) with nearby community leagues.
  • Monitoring the Inglewood soccer account and responding to emails, as required.
  • Communicating regularly with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) and attending EMSA meetings, as required.
  • Recruiting Volunteer/Parent Coaches
  • Managing equipment for each of Inglewood’s outdoor soccer teams.
  • Developing the schedule for Inglewood’s “in house” teams
  • Supporting Volunteer/Parent Coaches during the soccer season as required and organizing the year-end wrap-up (e.g. snacks, medals, trophies)
  • Working with the Sports Director in managing the 2019/2020 Outdoor Soccer Budget.

The former Soccer Coordinators are available to provide support and mentoring to the successful candidate.

Skills Required

The skills required for the Soccer Coordinator position are fairly straight forward:

  • Solid computer skills. As coordinator you will need to manage Inglewood’s player registrations on EMSA’s online portal, as well as monitor and respond to emails. Training and support on the use of the EMSA online registration portal is available.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. As soccer coordinator you will be engaging with parents and families, by phone, email, and in-person.
  • Strong organizational skills. As soccer coordinator you will need to organize the community league’s registration night, be responsible for distributing the soccer equipment to each team, monitor soccer-related purchases, and arrange other activities (e.g. year-end wrap-up).


The outdoor soccer season runs through May and June, but the responsibilities of the Soccer Coordinator run from November to June. The time commitment required for this position will vary considerably throughout the year. During particularly busy periods (e.g. registration, start of season) the time commitment could be as much as 30-40 hours per month.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done before the season even begins. With that in mind, we’re looking for someone to start as soon as possible and the posting will remain open until December 10, 2019.


The Soccer Coordinator position is an integral part of the Community League’s overall Sports Program. The Inglewood Community League is in a position to offer a stipend of $750, in recognition of the time and effort it takes to be the Soccer Coordinator. On top of having the sincere appreciation of the Sports Director and the entire Community League Board, you will:

  • Have the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of kids in our community by helping them stay active and make friends.
  • Become more involved in the community and get to know local parents and families.
  • Become part of a committed team of volunteers that support various programs and activities in the community.
  • Have the opportunity to connect with community league members elsewhere in West Edmonton who are also committed to keeping kids active through sports.


If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact our Sports Director, David Schaaf, at: