Spring Break Starts Here at EPL!

Play, create and explore with us at Woodcroft Library between March 24 and 31 by attending our classes and events for school-aged kids.

  • Family Films (March 24, 2pm) EPL has a great selection of children’s films for the entire family. Join us for a family fun movie.
  • Run Away with the Circus (March 26, 1pm) Join Amanda Panda of the Hula Hoop Circus for an awesome adventure featuring hoops, juggling, circus stories and more!
  • Green Things Grow (March 27, 1pm) Join us and learn all about plants and how they grow in this hands-on class.
  • Build a World (March 27, 3:15pm) Learn how to make all types of maps: old maps, new maps, world maps, and even design your very own alien world!
  • Code Breakers (March 28, 4pm) Explore a variety of different computer and analog techniques to complete many different activities.
  • Riding the Waves (March 29, 11am) Make some fun “instruments” for making silly sounds, and try some experiments revealing secret sounds!
  • Pop-up Makerspace (March 30, 3pm) You’re invited to drop-in, hang out, bring friends, try things and make fun stuff.
  • Puppet Adventures (March 31, 1pm) Join our unforgettable puppets for enchanting tales of swashbuckling adventures that will take you to lands near and far. After, create your own puppet and epic adventure to share with other participants!