We need your help – Volunteer Request!

Inglewood Community League is seeking volunteers to canvass our community in support of Decorative Streeting Lighting (DSL).

Did you know?

Inglewood has been chosen for neighbourhood reconstruction beginning in spring 2019 with completion expected for 2021. This project provides our community with the chance to consider replacing the current standard streetlights with decorative streetlights. To be successful, Inglewood needs 50%+1 of the property owners who submit a form to the City, to vote in favour of Decorative Streetlights by November 13, 2018.

Looking for more information about what’s happening with the renewal? Please visit: http://inglewoodcl.com/making-great-neighbourhoods/.

Why volunteer?

We have learned from our neighbouring communities who have been successful in getting DSL in place that a concerted community effort is needed to ensure that as many property owners as possible return the City’s form by the November 13, 2018 deadline.

Our DSL campaign is expected to start in early October and will run from September 24, 2018 to November 13, 2018. We need more residents to join our team so that we can reach out to all parts of Inglewood.

Never canvassed for something like this before?

Door-knocking is easier than it sounds. It is also a great way to meet other residents and get to know the other parts of your community.

The League will be offering a short training session (date pending) and briefing material for all interested volunteers.  Please email Reetu at the email address below to be notified of the training date.

What is the time commitment?

  • Flexible, as much or as little as can be provided

To volunteer, please send an email to Reetu Schaaf at: reetu.schaaf@inglewoodcl.com with your availability.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our request.