Building Great Neighbourhoods in Inglewood

Image of street light blades is an example
only and does not represent the exact
content or format of the blades that may
be chosen for Inglewood.

In 2019, on will begin a 3-year program to rebuild the entire Inglewood community. This project will involve: repaving roads, replacing gutters, repairing sidewalks, replacing street lights, and other improvements.

As part of this renewal, property owners have the option to choose a decorative upgrade to the community’s streetlights.

This upgrade will make our community more attractive to people looking to live in Inglewood. The new lights will be energy efficient and help improve property values. The powder coating on the new poles is environmentally friendly and more durable than galvanized aluminum light poles.

With the upgrade, the city will replace the current street signs with blades containing both historic street names as well as the existing street numbers. These blades will add visual interest to our streetscapes and a pride to our heritage.

For this upgrade to be approved, over 50% of all property owners in Inglewood must vote to approve the decorative street light option.

What’s Happening?

In September, the city will send out a ballot to the address of each property holder in the neighbourhood to vote on the streetlight question. A non-vote will be counted as a “No” vote by the city. To have decorative street lights, over 881 property owners–more than 50% of all property owners in the community–must vote “Yes.”

Our Engagement Results

In a survey of residents, 83% choose the “Heritage Arm” (as shown), 73% chose a fluted post, and 63% chose a black coloured post and head. These preferences were confirmed through an online survey, 2 engagement sessions within the neighbourhood, and at a number of community events and BBQs.

Neighbourhoods surrounding Inglewood including Westmount, North Glenora, Woodcroft, and Dovercourt all chose this same decorative street light as part of their renewal programs.

The default streetlamp that Inglewood will have if the vote fails.

The streetlamp option chosen by the majority of Inglewood respondents is the “Heritage Arm”, with fluted post and black
powder coat.

Inglewood’s Recommendation

The Inglewood Community League board has endorsed the black, fluted pole with Heritage Arm as the community’s preference for new streetlights
as part of the neighbourhood renewal program.

What Will It Cost?

According to information supplied by the city, the cost of this upgrade will add about $2.24 per metre of property line to the annual tax bill of the owner for the next 15 years.

How Do I Vote?

In September 2018, you will receive a letter from the city that looks like the sample shown.

Sample ballot letter from the city and how to complete it to indicate your support for the streetlight upgrade.

Do not throw it out!

If you support the option for decorative street lights vote right away using the box as shown and have all the owners of the property sign the form and send it back to the city:

Or to help you save money on postage and make sure your vote is counted, the Inglewood Community League Decorative Street Light Committee will come by your home at a convenient time to collect your ballot and submit it for you! Just email us at info@inglewoodcl.com to book a pick-up time.

Common Questions

What will be the cost for an average lot?

The cost for a typical 50’ lot is estimated by the city to be $360 as a one-time charge, or $36 per year for the next 15 years.

How will I be billed for this option?

You can pay the entire cost upfront or it will be added to your tax assessment for the next 15 years.

What if the Neighbourhood votes “No?”

The neighbourhood will get standard galvanized aluminum street lights and standard street sign

What if I‘ve already lost or thrown out my

You’ll have to contact the city to see if a replacement ballot is possible. A lost or destroyed ballot–or no response at all–will count as a “No” vote. Contact us at info@inglewoodcl.com. We may be able to help get you a replacement ballot.

How else can I help?

The ICL needs lots of volunteers to help people know about this vote. Training will be provided. Email us at info@inglewoodcl.com to sign up.


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