Sanding Your Sidewalk

With the recent weather in the city, roads and sidewalks are dangerous places for pedestrians. Do your part to keep it safe for everyone out there!

Free sand is provided by the CIty of Edmonton during winter weather to use on your icy sidewalks and walkways.

In Inglewood, a box is available on the NE corner of 124 St and 112 Ave. You may also visit a Roadway Maintenance Yard, the nearest being at 14320 – 114 Avenue.

Remember to bring your own container when you visit your local community sandbox or roadway maintenance yard!


Join the EPS for an information night on crime and safety. The presentation will focus on crime and crime prevention and will touch on the various areas of crime that has been taking place in our community. Following the presentation there will be time for questions and answers. Learn what we can do to make our homes and community safer.

January 17, 7:00 – 9:00pm. Westmount Community Hall, 127 Street and 109 Avenue




The City will begin a 3 year program to completely rebuild the streets and sidewalks of Inglewood beginning in 2019. One part of this program is the option to include decorative streetlights instead of the standard galvanized aluminum poles. The Community League polled residents for their wishes. The overwhelming majority wanted to have new light poles that matched the type chosen by the Westmount neighbourhood. The city will conduct a vote of property owners in September to determine if the entire neighbourhood is in favour of this upgrade. For the upgrade to be approved, owners of over 881 properties in Inglewood–more than 50% of all property owners—must agree to the upgrade.

If you are a property owner in Inglewood, watch for your letter from the city asking for your vote. The Community League is preparing to go door-to-door throughout the neighbourhood to answer any questions, encourage people to vote yes, and collect people’s ballots to save you the cost of postage. If you have any questions about the “Rebuilding Inglewood” program, visit Making Great Neighbourhoods or email us at info@inglewoodcl.com


Community Leagues & Citizens Play a Key Role in Monitoring Construction Sites

While the City of Edmonton tries to proactively inspect infill construction sites for compliance to
approved development permits and other regulations, not all developments are visited. If you are
noticing an issue with the infill development next door to you or throughout the community, you have
the ability to flag this for inspection.

Ideally your first step would be to contact the prime contractor or property owner listed on the
development sign situated on the construction site. Expressing your concerns to those in charge of the
construction may be all that is needed. If issues persist, then contact the City.

Below are some tips.

Landscaping Requirements
In the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw (section 55), it indicates that “Landscaping shall be provided on a
Site within 18 months of the occupancy of a development or commence of a Use.” In addition, “Trees
and shrubs shall be maintained on a Site for a minimum of 42 months after the occupancy of a
development or commence of a Use.”

Should you notice that landscaping has not been provided and fulfilled as per the bylaw, phone 311, or
better yet, email 311@edmonton.ca to file a complaint. 311 will then create a ticket for a Development
Permit Inspection Team to investigate further, and to possibly schedule an inspection should they have
reason to believe that construction has not proceeded in accordance to their approved Development
Permit. Please note that landscaping is often not undertaken until approved lot grading is completed.

Damage to public infrastructure (public trees, boulevards, alleyways)
If you notice that boulevard trees within 5m of a construction site are not fenced, or vehicles are
crossing boulevards without plywood or mats being placed on the boulevard, contact 311. Your actions
could prevent serious damage to Edmonton’s treed boulevards.

It would be helpful to take date stamped photos of public infrastructure (and private property) before
construction begins. Once construction begins, if you note damages being done, keep your distance and
take photos of offending vehicles and equipment. Little can be done without proof of who did the
damages. It would be extremely helpful to include your photos when reporting a damage.

Additional Problems to Report to 311
• Sidewalk obstructions
• Foundations too close to the property line or buildings too high (ask for an inspection)
• Washing out of cement trucks onto streets
• Garbage
• Construction before 7 am or after 9 pm on weekdays, and before 9 am on Sundays

• Unsafe conditions such as unfenced excavation site or slumping soil at excavation.
To learn more visit: https://www.cityofedmontoninfill.ca/builders/good-construction-practices

Share Your Vision through the Inglewood Renewal Survey

Neighbourhood renewal is a 3-year project to upgrade a neighbourhood’s entire infrastructure. Streets, sidewalks, and streetlights throughout the neighbourhood will be replace or upgraded.

More recently, the City renamed renewal to “Building Great Neighbourhoods.” The “Building Great Neighbourhoods” program can help a community address local needs and reinforce its character and identity. Additional projects can include city-owned lands and improvements.

To help the city develop a focus and plan for Inglewood, a number of stakeholder and engagement sessions were held in March and April. If you were part of these sessions, great! Thanks for coming out and sharing your concerns and vision.

We’re also asking everyone in the neighbourhood to share their thoughts with the Inglewood Community League Board as well. A survey is open until May 15, 2018 to give you a chance to share your issues and ideas: http://bit.ly/inglewood2018. The survey will be available until May 15.

The League Website will also contain news and upcoming events about the Building Great Neighbourhood (BGN) program. Visit our page at: http://http://inglewoodcl.com/making-great-neighbourhoods/

For more information on the city’s site about the Building Great Neighbourhoods – Inglewood, visit http://www.edmonton.ca/buildinginglewood. A city survey on this site will be available until May 4.