Inglewood History

Inglewood is situated on land owned, in 1882, by J. Norris Sr. and R. Logan. Norris was a Hudson Bay Company employee who became a wagon freighter, a saw mill operator, and a partner in a local merchandising firm, Norris and Carey. The property, which was situated on the trail between St. Albert and Edmonton, was, until the 1920s, an area favored by Aboriginals for campsites while they did their business in the City.

The Inglewood area was annexed to Edmonton in two stages, in 1904 and 1920. The name Inglewood was used on a 1905 plan of subdivision and is now applied to the neighborhood. Development in the area was spurred by the extension of the electric street car line to Alberta (118) Avenue via 124 Street in 1913. Street car service continued until 1948.

Inglewood developed as a low density residential neighborhood until the 1950s. The Westmount Shopping Centre was built in 1955 in the adjacent Woodcroft neighborhood.  Inglewood’s proximity and access to shopping and employment centers fostered apartment development along major traffic routes and commercial corridors. The Baywood (formerly Bel Air) apartment complex, off Groat Road, is an example of a 1950s large scale apartment complex.

Now, although most interior residential streets retain their low density character, apartment accommodation accounts for sixty percent of the neighborhood’s dwelling units.

In the past several years, substantial property renovation and infill development has occurred in Inglewood. This trend has been reinforce by the selection of Inglewood for inclusion in the AMPLE Neighborhood Improvement Program.  This program will, through replacement and upgrading of sewers, street, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping, improve the quality of the neighborhood’s environment.

Status Update:
Charles Camsell Redevelopment Project

Current activity on the site includes demolition of the interior of the existing building and asbestos removal.

Dub Architects anticipates construction on the project will begin soon


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